Winter Service

In addition to the legendary CRYSTAL GLIDE FINISH, our certified ski service technicians also offer binding checks according to ISO standard 11088, binding adjustment according to ISO standards, ski repair, edge grinding, edge tuning, base grinding, structure grinding, waxing.

In addition, we stretch and widen your ski boot shells as required, mill ski boot shells for you, fit inner ski boots and grind skates.

Choose between the Basic Ski Service, the Intermediate Ski Service or the Top Ski Service to get your skis back into perfect shape. We always use the most up-to-date technology and have the highest standards. We also always keep in stock everything else you need for a carefree day on the slopes. Our top-notch service, combining friendliness with expertise puts us at the top of the class when it comes to ski rental shops - with cool tips for both sport and leisure activities. Why not book an unforgettable ski lesson with the manager and certified ski instructor Martin? Any other wishes? No? Then put on your skis, get ready, get set, go!

Ski service

Regular ski maintenance not only makes skiing more enjoyable, but it is also an important part of caring for your skis.  It also increases your safety while skiing. Paradoxically, servicing your skis prolongs their life, even though the material is worn away each time. However, the better the material is maintained, the less it will wear away - the better you take care of something, the longer it lasts. Don’t worry about the material of the skis being removed. Our rental skis are a good example. They are sharpened after every rental, often up to 60 times per season. This is only possible because we service them regularly and work with professional service equipment that optimises the amount of material removed with incredible precision and uniformity.

More Fun with serviced skis?

A ski service determines how the skis perform. There are several parameters such as structure, edge angle and the type of wax that influence the ski's performance, optimized by serviced skis. If you want to have fun on the slopes, serviced skis are a must.


Quality & Expertise

New at Sport Mayrl


Glide through the snow like a racing pro. Our new service robot "CRYSTAL MAGIC" from MONTANA services your skis and board using the highest level of technology. With an extra-wide stone and the latest GRIPtech system, the "CRYSTAL MAGIC" offers a noticeable leap in quality:

  • Solid, sharp and precisely ground edges.

  • Particularly gentle material removal also of the blades and end areas.

  • Finely structured base grinding and wax polish for improved glide

  • Enjoy a new, intensive skiing experience

  • Don’t forget: at our ski service in Sand in Taufers your skis and snowboard are always in the best hands - because our staff are also winter sports enthusiasts in their spare time and know exactly what is important.

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Before we answer that question, we need to explain how a ski glides over the snow.

The base of a ski is made of a water-repellent material called polyethylene. With enough pressure from above, friction between the snow and the ski creates heat that forms a small film of water. Your ski rides on this film of water.

An additional layer of wax increases the water-repellent effect and glide to the base.

To create the lowest possible frictional resistance, a flat surface - i.e. a smooth ski bottom - is needed. Too many scratches and damage on the bottom will increase the resistance. Conversely, the ski can't form the optional film of water – impeding a smooth skiing experience.

A wax coating is therefore both a protective and gliding layer.  Since it is almost impossible to prevent the base of a ski from being scratched, it is better to apply the wax coating directly on the surface than on an untreated ski base. By doing this, you protect the skis themselves and any damage that occurs affects the wax layer, which is easier to replace than having to buy a new pair of skis every time it is damaged.

Edge tuning and angles


As a sports retailer, we can fulfil just about any wish when it comes to edge tuning. For most skiers, however, a long-tested and balanced setting is the best. In concrete terms, this means that the edge should neither be too pointed (and thus aggressive and less durable), nor too rounded (and thus durable but sluggish). Our standard setup provides for a total angle of 88.5°. As you can see from the half degree, this is a matter of surgical precision.

A few more details:

It is important that the edge on the base side (i.e., when you look directly at the base) always slopes -- this is called "hanging dragging". If it were completely flat with the base, the ski would immediately "tear" because the ski would immediately edge up.

In racing, the edge is adjusted to the athlete and can vary greatly. In slalom, the hanging angle is often 0.5°, while in downhill, it is often preferred to be around 1°.

Stone grinding


There are two different grinding methods: grinding with a stone and grinding with an abrasive belt. It doesn't sound like much of a difference, but it definitely is: a diamond mills the grinding stone at regular intervals in the micrometre range. This not only allows you to grind a wide variety of structures into the ski, the result is also unparalleled in terms of precision and uniformity. From a technical point of view, a stone cuts into the base and a belt tears out the material. For a perfectly flat and smooth ski, you need a stone - this is simply not possible with a belt of this quality.

Boot Fitting


What makes a good ski boot? There are two main factors to consider: performance and comfort. New technologies and individual boot fitting take these factors to the next level:

Say goodbye once and for all to pressure points and toes that fall asleep. A perfectly individually fitted ski boot optimises technique, reduces effort, increases performance, and makes for more enjoyment on the slopes. "With a perfectly fitting ski boot, the whole package feels more natural, which is especially important for the recreational athlete.”